• Transalpine Run
  • Transalpine Run
  • Transalpine Run
  • Transalpine Run
  • Transalpine Run
  • Transalpine Run
  • Transalpine Run
  • Transalpine Run
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30. August - 6. September 2014
Runner Corner
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30. August - 6. September 2014

Eight stages, countless summits and peaks and an amazing itinerary off the beaten paths on rocky tracks constitute one of the last true sporting challenge. Experience the adventure of crossing the Alps together with your teammate in one of the world’s most spectacular running event! Look forward to breathtaking and stunning sceneries, a once in a lifetime experience and the unforgettable feeling of being a finisher of the GORE-TEX® TRANSALPINE-RUN – be part of it!

Start at 9:00 am

Attention: highly contagious!

Oberstdorf, 4 September 2005, 11.00 am: the gun is fired for the 1st stage of the GORE-TEX® Transalpine Run. 75 teams from 13 different countries set off to experience the adventure of crossing the Alps. At the time, nobody really knew what to expect. Running was a niche sport in central Europe. Most top athletes had never even heard of it. When, one week later, the vast majority of the runners crossed the finishing line in Latsch feeling proud and elated, we realised that the Transalpine Run was more than just a race over the Alps. It is an unforgettable experience – being up in the mountains, running with a teammate, alongside athletes from all over the world.

We have since clocked up 72 stages in 9 years, 2661,60 km and 147,966 m of elevation gain. So far a total of 3,484 athletes have participated in the Transalpine Run. Over 700 of these have repeatedly taken part and a famous few have even run in all 72 stages. And there’s no end in sight: as soon as registration for the 10th GORE-TEX® Transalpine Run opened, entries poured in from all over the world.

We look forward to seeing you in Ruhpolding! 

Jürgen Kurapkat , GORE-TEX® Footwear

For all those who don’t quite know what to expect, here’s a little taster: 


  • Teamrace (two persons)
  • 8 categories
  • 8 days
  • 9 stages across the alps
  • 3 countries
  • about 293 km distance
  • 13,730 m of ascent


  • Ruholding (GER) – St. Johann (AUT)
  • St. Johann (AUT) – Neukirchen (AUT)
  • Neukirchen (AUT) – Prettau (ITA)
  • Prettau (ITA) – Sand in Taufers (ITA)
  • Sand in Taufers – uphil sprint Speikboden
  • Sand in Taufers (ITA) – St. Vigil (ITA)
  • St. Vigil (ITA) – Niederdorf (ITA)
  • Niederdorf (ITA) – Sexten (ITA)